Vinyl Taco is lighting up downtown in a vintage gathering space and creating the most fun anywhere.

“Explore the Space!”


“This area NEEDS more places like Vinyl Taco. Not only is the food absolutely amazing (fish tacos are my favorite) but the staff was very pleasant and I observed they had a great rapport with their customers. If you’re downtown, do yourself a favor and stop in Vinyl Taco.” ~ Jack MacArthur

“AMAZING FOOD! great margaritas. fun and friendly staff. laid back, vintage & modern atmosphere.” ~ Amy McConnell

“Awesome place- great food, awesome service and the moonshine is sure tasty!!” ~ Deanne ‘Collins’ Dooley

“Went there on Saturday night. Amazing! They were very busy and still kept us happy with great food and drinks! :-)” ~ Kayla Krabseth

“Great food, awesome Margaritas, good atmosphere. The waitresses are on top of it which makes this place even better!” ~ Bekah Szurek

“Authentic Mexican tacos and appetizers combined with great service and great tunes. It doesn’t get any better.” ~ Matt Burton